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To learn more about Sarah Smith's GO Team, please click on the picture below. 
 NameTerm   Email Address  Officer
Dr. Michael Forehand  Principal
 Elizabeth Cox      3 year    Chair
 Robert Sarkissian   Vice-Chair 
Jana.Thomas   2 year 
 Laura Troup2 year Cluster Rep. 
 Chiesa Carter 2 year  
Alfonso Champion    2 year  
 Christina Barnette 3 year  
 Dr. Sherry Riley  
Shirley Anne Smith  
Meeting Schedule
 Date  Location Time Public Comment Agenda
 8/10/16 IC Main Office 3:00  p.m. none8/10/16 
 8/22/16   IC Media Center 3:15 p.m. none8/22/16
 9/19/16   IC Media Center 3:15 p.m.none 9/19/16
 11/14/16 IC Main Office 3:15 p.m. none11/14/16 
 12/12/16 IC Media Center 3:15 p.m.    none12/12/16 
 1/18/17IC Media Center 3:15 p.m. none 1/18/17
 1/30/17IC Media Center 3:15 p.m. none 1/30/17 
 2/27/17IC Media Center 3:15 p.m. yes 2/27/17 
 4/10/17   IC Media Center 3:15 p.m. no 4/10/17 
 5/8/17IC Media Center 3:15 p.m. yes 5/8/17 
8/7/17  IC Media Center 3:15 p.m.   
Smith Public Comment Format 
 20 minutes at the end of each meeting for public comment.  Two minutes will be allowed per public comment with a time-keeper in place to keep track of time.