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Spelling Bee

  • Scripps Spelling @ Springdale Park Elementary


    Every January Bee season hits Springdale Park. Since 2014 SPARK has participated in one of the oldest and most respected educational programs, Scripps Spelling Bee.

    Sprindale Park’s media specialist, Roy Jackson, started the spelling bee program. Grades 1-5 have spelling activities and centers in the classroom culminating with classroom bees.

    The top three students in each homeroom in grades 4-5 compete in a school wide bee. The winner advances to the APS district bee. SPARK students have placed in the top tier of district spellers every year and in 2016, under Mr. Jackson’s guidance, the SPARK representative placed at the trophy level.

    The 2017 school wide bee was a competitive one as usual. After ten intense rounds Kathryn Miles-Bauer won. Runner up was Emma Young, her second year placing 2nd. Congratulations to both students.