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Morningside Elementary School

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  • When & where to bring kids in the mornings, pick up in the afternoons, and how to get to and from school.

    Morning Arrival




    • School doors open at 7:30am for all students at 2 entrance points, Haygood/Walker Pad & Main Entrance.  
    • Buses arrive at 7:30, and are usually very prompt!  
    • Breakfast opens at 7:30am.  
    • Playground equipment may not be used between 7:30am - 8am




    • Parents are encouraged to have students arrive in classrooms by 7:50am
    • There will be a welcome & reminder announcement that school is about to begin at 7:55am.




    • Announcements begin, class instruction starts


    After 8:00 am:

    • Late arriving students are tardy & will receive a tardy pass before going to class.  
    • Our staff will write bus passes in the front office starting at 8:15am for students needing a bus pass for dismissal.



    Please remember:

    • All adults entering the building at any time must sign-in at Main Office & wear a Visitor Badge
    • Pets are not allowed on any part of MES school property




    Kindergarten & First Grade

    Second through Fifth Grades

    August 3, 4, & 5

    Parents/Guardians may walk students to classrooms.  Adults may enter through the Haygood Entrance or Main Entrance this week only.  Parents must exit the school no later than the start of morning announcements at 8:00 am.  Parents who need to remain in the school after 8:00am must have official school business, and must sign-in at the Main Office.

    August 8 through September 2

    Parents/Guardians may walk their Kindergarten and First Grade students to classrooms.  K and 1stparents must exit the school no later than the start of morning announcements at 8:00 am.  As soon as possible, parents should replace walking-in with dropping-off K and 1st students at their chosen entrance, to foster independence.

    Parents/Guardians must drop off Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade students at their chosen entrance & allow them to enter building independently.  Parents who need to enter the school building must enter at the Main Entrance, must have official school business, and must sign-in at the Main Office.

    September 6 through year end

    Parents/Guardians must drop off all students at their chosen entrance & allow them to enter building independently.  Parents who need to enter the school building must enter at the Main Entrance, must have official school business, and must sign-in at the Main Office.




    Afternoon Dismissal
    2:25pm - Bus Riders dismissed from classrooms & escorted by MES Staff

    2:30pm - Carpool, Walkers, MAS dismissed from classrooms & escorted by MES staff

            Kinder & 1st graders are escorted to their designated dismissal locations


    Walker Exits by Grade:


    K & 1 - Released to their adults at Haygood Exit/Walker Pad

         Older siblings may meet younger siblings at Haygood Exit/Walker Pad

    2 & 3 - Exit through the Haygood or E Rocks Springs Exit

    4 & 5 - Exit through door near MES Garden, and head to Haygood to meet younger sibling(s) or   parent designated meeting point



    Walking, Parking, Carpool, & Bus Instructions


    Walkers & Bikers

    PTA Walkers Chair: Jennifer Heller


    MES encourages families to walk to school for good health and family bonding. 

    Be mindful of high traffic areas, as many drivers may not be as mindful of little walkers.  

    Students may enter MES through the main entrance, E Rock Springs Rd, & Haygood/walker pad. Bike racks are available at the Haygood & Main entrances.  Please be sure to lock up your bike.



    Park at Haygood’s lower lot or in the designated parking areas within the neighborhood.   

    Don’t park in no-parking zones, on Barclay next to the carpool lane, or on E Rock Springs Rd.

    Don’t block neighbors’ driveways. Always cross at the crosswalks and obey the crossing guards. 




    PTA Bus Chair: Kerry Weinheimer


    Transportation Changes for 2016-17


    APS has made some updates to the bus routes- please check your route below to see if there are any changes that affect you. 

    APS Elementary School Routes website

    Bus 530

    Bus 540

    Bus 702

    Bus 745

    Bus 15-803


    Check eligibility, bus stop locations & schedules at APS Transportation Website or call 404-802-5500.

    To inquire about bus delays, please check APS Bus Delays or call the main office.
    Eligible new riders should complete the APS New Student Bus Rider Form & submit it to MES.
    Eligible new riders requesting a new stop may use an existing stop, until one is created.

    Bus drivers assess ridership numbers at each stop for the first few weeks of school.  
    Bus routes are updated each Friday and updates will take affect the following Monday.
    Please check your student's bus route weekly for updates.
    Pick-up & drop-off times are approximate, as they are affected by traffic patterns, weather & ridership.
    Bus riders are expected to obey the rules of safe conduct, enforced by the driver.
    Please read the APS Bus Conduct and Safety Standards and view the APS Bus Safety Video.

    Email APS Transportation with any concerns or questions.


    Bus Route GroupMe Text Alerts


    Join your bus route's GroupMe to receive bus-related texts from your bus captain. Opt-in by clicking your bus route's link below, following the directions for membership, & download the app. Please respond to the first few messages to remain in the group (spam control to protect users).  If you run into problems, email your name, bus number and cell phone number to Kerry Weinheimer (404-423-3505)


    APS Bus Route Information 

    Bus Captains

    Route 530 GroupMe - Ansley Park 

    Jennifer Friese (312-925-9615)

    Route 540 GroupMe – Sherwood Forest

    Stacey Graves 404-667-9860)

    Route I5-803 (formerly 559) GroupMe – Piedmont, Monroe, Lenox, Morningside

    Lynda Lyons-Velha (404-290-6105)

    Route 702 GroupMe – Piedmont Heights, Pelham Rd

    Jill Knowles (404-275-3396), Brian Knowles (404-610-7615)

    Route 745 GroupMe – VaHi, Hillpine Park, Morningside

    Jocelyn Challas (704-222-3998)





    PTA Carpool Chair: Traci Cupp 


    Begins around 7:35am, after all busses have unloaded. 

    Carpool lane starts at corner of Barclay, Berkshire, E Sussex (Please use 3-way stop etiquette).


    Please Do

    Be a good role model by following carpool rules, and being courteous & cautious of others.

    Line-up along the median (driver’s side) & shut your engine off when in non-moving line.

    Pull-up completely, stay in your car, & allow children to exit on their own.

    Utilize visitor's parking spaces if your child requires special assistance or extra time.

    Say goodbye & have students ready to exit car before reaching drop-off area.


    Please Don’t

    Enter carpool from E. Rock Springs Road or turn into Dolphin Dr during car pool.

    Park or drop-off children along Barclay Rd, in-front of Haygood, or on E. Rock Springs Rd.

    Cut the carpool line by making a U-Turn on or crossing median on Barclay.

    Use your cellphone in carpool, for everyone’s safety.


    Carpool Map 


    Parking & Drop-Off Map