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  • 7:30am:
    • School doors open at 7:30am for all students at 2 entrance points, Haygood/Walker Pad & Main Entrance.
    • Buses arrive at 7:30, and are usually very prompt!
    • Breakfast opens at 7:30am.
    • Playground equipment may not be used between 7:30am - 8:00am
    • Parents are encouraged to have students arrive in classrooms by 7:50am
    • There will be a welcome & reminder announcement that school is about to begin at 7:55am.
    • Announcements begin, class instruction starts
    After 8:00am:
    • Late arriving students are tardy & will receive a tardy pass before going to class.  
    • Our staff will write bus passes in the front office starting at 8:15am for students needing a bus pass for dismissal.
    Please Remember:
    • All adults entering the building at any time must sign-in at Main Office & wear a Visitor Badge
    • Pets are not allowed on any part of MES school property 

Arrival Entrances by Grade

Arrival Times by Grade